Back in India in the mid sixties, at a time when modern architecture, indigenously produced, was at feotal stage, nari did not practice much architecture. It was a few years later that his first city home was built, until then he worked on few interior projects. In the next two decades Nari built many houses, each one a milestone of not only the development of a unique style but also his personal evolution. It was his honesty that was exemplified in the use of materials & composition of space; his works were proverbially utopian in that they symbolized a union of material & structure, stemmed from sensitivity to space & form, an interlacing of these two aspects reveals itself in a few basic components used in his houses.

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He used these components to weave the houses together, because they became an extension of him, he actually called them his children. Besides residences a school in Bihar (India) was one of his largest and most complex architectural works. On the 18th of August, 1993 Nari Gandhi met with a tragic car accident near khopoli , while on his way back from Kolegaon Dargah.
A unique insight into the life of Nari Gandhi – one of the pioneers of organic architecture in India through the eyes of his ardent follower Girish P.Parmar , who has been constantly researching for 15 years to bring forth the work of Nari Gandhi to the world.


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