A dreamer dreams, and works vigorously to make it reality, sometimes he is successful or else it just stays with him… Nari dreamt of starting a foundation wherein he could take in apprentice and impart knowledge to them on ground level. ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE FOUNDATION was the name he had thought of, for this he had acquired 17 and half acres of land near Rajmachi lonavala. The land with scenic view surrounded by beautiful valley and lake. Fate withheld the progress of this dream into reality due to his untimely death.

Dreams don’t die, it lives on in the hearts of the people who love, respect and follow him. The process of moulding the dream into reality is being revived by Girish P Parmar by reinitiating ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE FOUNDATION.

Organic architecture is a philosophy of architecture which promotes harmony between human habitation and the natural world through design approaches so sympathetic and well integrated with its site that buildings, furnishings, and surroundings become part of a unified, interrelated composition. Architects Antoni Gaudi, Louis Sullivan, ,Frank Lloyd Wright, Gustav Stickley, Claude Bragdon, Bruce Goff, Rudolf Steiner, Bruno Zevi, Hundertwasser, Imre Makovecz, more recently Anton Alberts, Nari Gandhi and Laurie Baker are all well known figures in the world of organic architecture.

Organic Architecture Foundation will take in apprentice to impart knowledge on the process and methods of architecture by learning to work on all levels i.e. physical level, emotional level and mental level for the harmonious development of a man.

2 more former apprentice of Frank Llyod wright and few more well known architects, artists, potters, traditional artists, filmmakers, have accepted to become visiting faculty for the same. To begin with Organic Architecture Foundation will publish 3 Journals a year on Organic Architecture. A museum dedicated to Nari’s work which includes photographs, plans and organic architecture will be initiated in the foundation premises.

By year 2015 the foundation will be ready to take in apprentices for sharing knowledge on Organic Architecture. Areas covering various facets of art like gardening, weaving, pottery, music, sculpting, filmmaking, glasswork, ceramics, organic farming and various other subjects on nature will be discussed and inducted in the training process.

People interested in joining in as apprentice can email us at organicarchitecturefoundation@yahoo.in or artfoundation1@gmail.com