Excerpts from an interview by MRS. MEENA CHOWDHURY & MANISHA SHAH

MR. NARI GANDHI the much known person as a Designer.

Obviously it was this man whom we were to see today. We started with lots of hope and inspiration in us to see the well known interior designer at Nirwani at Vileparle at 11.30 a.m.
We reached at Nirwani when madam Purohit (Mr. Nari's friend) welcomed us with a smile and made us sit in by the hall, a mess drawing room. which as said by her was due to the painting going on. Suddenly the door bell rang. when a middle aged gentle man, with khaddi and a small typical Parsi topi and a shoulder bag rounded on his arms entered, to our surprise, he was the man, for whom we were waiting for. Yes he was a simple man whom the people called MR. NARI GANDHI.

As he entered "Bol Dikara ( yes my son ) " Interviewer: - Good Morning Sir.
MR. NARI GANDHI: Waving his hand good morning; su che bol (what is it?).

Q : Sir we would like to take an Interview?
A : Interview! winterview, To thick che, bol, su januo che?
( interview is okay, what do you want to know? )


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