Q : Sir, we would like to know all about interiors, what is its use in today's 'life and how do people react?
A :  Interior is the reality. It cast the image of what you are. for example we beautify an ugly thing, but if it is beautiful you just specify it, that is what we Interior Designers do.

Q : Being a professional how would you grade interior as a profession?
A : In terms of services, and not in terms of money.

Q : Interior designing today has become more of business, how do you comment?
A : Today everything is understood in terms of money, nobody today, really renders services in true sense. It is only for the sake of money.

Q : How about the interior design as a profession in India?
A : Now-a-days we are characterless, we lack character, people in general have accepted what they have got, they do not want to go in for anything new. They have made a compromise and adopted the western style by losing the reality. Be happy for every little pf what we have. To use the same styles of our ancestors with a little change here and there.

Q : How do you relate "FORM" with "FUNCTION" or how does "FORM" help in designing?
A : "FORM" is the manifestation of idea. "FORMS" are changed with the demand for function.

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