One felt one had finally met an individual- as indivisible, unfragmented, complete, whole- who was refreshingly new, fearless and very divorced from the ugly, mean and petty side of life. In a world of mediocrity, half-truth and lies, he was the complete truth, a genius, a noble man. He gave us a glimpse of the other side of life which dances which sings, which cares and is pure.”
Nari Gandhi had never thought ill of anyone. “He was so emotional and young at heart, he sat in my office and joked and laughed about little things and wept for the world and the country- I have never witnessed such concern for humanity.”
Rajan, the weaver from Ahmedabad is very indebted to Nari Gandhi for it is he who encouraged him to work where his interest lay. Nari knew a little bit of weaving and came to Rajan to learn some more and soon he was teaching Rajan how to weave stones and tiles with cloth. Rajan has this to say, “He had the ability to visualize like no one else. Nari was a soft spoken and wonderful person but he had his anger. He loved to go for walks and had very big strides, so I had to really take trouble to keep pace with him.”
Another personality trait that comes through is his extreme humility personifying total human dignity. If one genuinely told him as once Daya did “You have added lot of joy to my life”, he would cry. Another example that shows his humbleness is when he introduced himself as a potter to a few workers with whom he wanted to work. He learnt from them and himself, being an excellent mason taught them. After this, the workers were always devoted to him.

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