Rustom Mehta, another client and close friend of Nari Gandhi says, “Nari pampered his workers too much.” There have been couples of stray incidents where the workers have taken advantage of the kindness and generosity of Nari. Whenever he realized this, he used to feel extremely hurt. Daya says-“His workmen were hardly specialized; he personally trained those boys- he instilled in them a passion for the work and helped them find their own creative threads. Carpenters, masons- they would get addicted to his work.”
He was a very simple man and had some weaknesses Daya says, “I found him sometimes superstitious, gullible in spiritual matters, doors and toilets and his attitude to money.” Daya used to say that if you do not want or need money take it and give it to someone else. Nari was totally against this. He would say that if that person were to get money, let god give it to him. Inspite of having worked with a Master such as Frank Lloyd Wright, he never mentioned it to anyone. Only when one asked him about it, then too, his answers would be in monosyllables. One had to keep questioning to find out when, how, where etc… A normal person would have told entire story on just asking about it. He was a man of few words, he would only reply, to what you asked him.
Nari Gandhi had a love for traveling, collecting watches, cameras and pens. “He has spent a third of his life traveling”, is what a close friend says. He was an early riser and left his house by 7:30am (sometimes as early as 5:30am) whether he had work or no work. Most of his time was spent traveling between his various sites in Central Maharashtra and Surat.

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