He had a very sharp eye and an uncanny ability to spot talent. He trained his workers himself. On his travels all around India, he used to return with small artifacts picked up from here and there. It seems more than half (if not full) of Daya’s art, collection is made by Nari Gandhi. Very often people used to follow Nari at art galleries and if he paused at a painting for a long enough time, they would purchase it. Such was the mark of Nari Gandhi.”
Nari Gandhi had a way with nature, with plants, with animals, with snakes…, he was never afraid of them. He could spend a night in a forest without any fear. He loved to take walks amidst nature and loved the Himalayas.
“Nari was a very frank person,” says Mr. Suryakant Patel, his client for the Surat House. “If he did not like something, he would tell you straight away and so too if he liked something.” This frankness has created problems with certain clients; but then he believed that such clients were not worth dealing with for they did not understand him and his architecture. He did not even get along with his associates for long. Arvin Driver, Simran Sethi & Suresh Sethi were the only people who worked with him for long. Even not many students use to stay for long sessions. As said by Ms. Driver, “Some friendly arguments would take place but everything was humorous. He would crack jokes constantly and makes the atmosphere light and humorous.”
Dady Banaji was another person who had worked with him & also appreciated his work.” Nari was actually a year senior to me, but I saw a lot him in college. Even then, his genius was in disputable.

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