He was always been different, and his style of work & frame of mind made him perfect for Taliesin. I visited him once, and knew it was his single mind dedication to the work that made him one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s favourites.”
He added “we worked on two houses, first was Asha Parekh’s house in Koliwada.Unfortunately it turned out to be a stone house.Although his buildings have sculptural value, they donot endear themselves at home.
We worked on another project it was Valia’s house. There an argument occurred because clients wanted him to put white marble where he insisted for black cuddapa. His choice of black cudappa was no doubt not inferior to white marble. But it is of no use to argue with your clients.” Nari Gandhi’s initial days as an architect were very struggling and controversial. However, today his clients value his work.
Daya another client & his close friend met Nari twenty-five years ago through a contracter. Since then Nari has completed five houses of daya. Nari was very specific about his work and did not like any interference in his work. Once when nari was completing daya’s one of the house he planned of making a door with no glass. However, after completing the door, a lot of pigeons entered his house and this upset his parents. Due to this daya put some glasses on the door. Hearing this nari was upset and he just left and returned after two years. This shows that he dosen’t like interference. Over the years, Daya developed a respect towards nari’s work.
Nari had irked for attitude and not economic aspect. His workers were hardly specialized but nari trained his workers to work with passion and dedication.

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